Monday, March 24, 2014

Innovation with New Balance Fresh Foam

New Balance is known for innovation as much as it is for great running shoes. They are constantly working to improve the running experience for both the casual runner and the seasoned pro. Their latest innovations come in the form of their line of Fresh Foam running shoes. The New Balance Fresh Foam running shoes have been garnering rave reviews from runners around the world, thanks to their improved technology, comfortable design, and overall performance.

The major feature that sets New Balance Fresh Foam running shoes apart from other running shoes is their midsole. Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest computer software, the designers at New Balance created a unique midsole from a single piece of foam. Building from the midsole, the shoe features breathable air mesh and minimal no-sew overlays that are light enough to improve running performance and sturdy enough to maintain optimal support.

It doesn’t matter how skilled a runner you are. New Balance understands that runners come in all shapes and sizes. The New Balance Fresh Foam running shoes are designed in such a way that it will support any runner’s gate. The foam midsoles are made with both concave and convex features that keep runners comfortable and supported throughout their workout.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Mens Merrell Shoes: Classic Outdoor Style

When it comes to rugged outdoor boots and shoes, Merrell is one of the best. Built on a reputation for designing affordable high-performance shoes, Merrell consistently delivers quality outdoor goods at great prices. For such a popular brand, it’s hard to believe it is actually a relatively young company, founded in Vermont in 1981.

When company founders Clark Matis and John Schweizer decided to start a hiking boot company, they enlisted boot maker Randy Merrell, whose handmade custom boots were celebrated within the hiking and outdoors community. Together, the three set out to create an affordable hiking for all people. In 1983, Merrell began delivering its first product to two stores on the east coast. As sales slowly began to grow, Randy Merrell decided he enjoyed making custom boots more, and in 1986, he left the company.

By 1988, Merrell had sold over $4 million worth of products, and in 1989, the company grew rapidly, bringing a total sales figure to $6 million. When the company was bought by Wolverine World Wide in 1997, a new, lightweight sensibility was brought into the company’s new shoe designs, resulting in the Jungle Moc, which became the company’s most popular shoe.

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