Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fall Fashions: Dr. Martens Boots

With fall finally here and the weather getting colder, it’s the perfect time to go shopping for boots. One of the oldest and most respected brands is Dr. Martens boots, which has a surprisingly interesting history. Klaus Märtens was a German doctor who, while skiing in the Bavarian Alps in 1945, injured his ankle. Needing a more supportive boot for his injured ankle, Dr. Märtens created a new kind of boot with softer leather and an air-cushioned sole made from tires. A little over ten years later, with business booming from a factory in Munich, Dr. Märtens’s company was purchased by a British shoe manufacturer and became the one of the most popular brands of boots in the world.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Sperry: Origin of the American Boat Shoes

Sperry boat shoes have the distinction of being the first modern boat shoe, invented in Connecticut by Paul Sperry in 1935. Paul, whose brother was author of the Newberry Medal-winning book Call It Courage Armstrong Sperry, was a former naval officer and an avid sailor. He had been trying to create a shoe design that would provide traction on a slippery boat deck without leaving marks, but to no avail.
Did you know that it was his dog that helped him solve the mystery? According to legend, while Paul was struggling to find the best way to create boat shoes with the most traction, he noticed his cocker spaniel maintaining traction while running across a frozen lake in Connecticut. After inspecting his dog’s paws, he realized the small grooves of the paws provided the dog’s traction. This simple concept gave Paul the idea for a leather upper-shoe with a herringbone pattern of grooves on the sole, much like the small cracks on a dog’s paws. To this day, Sperry boat shoes still feature this unassuming yet revolutionary feature. (img:
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